Project One: Gas Chromatograph

As my first project under the effort of ChromatograDIY, I will undertake the goal of building a Gas Chromatograph from scratch.

I will use open-source firmware and software for electronic equipment control, and data acquisition. So far this includes Arduino-based micro-controllers and OpenChrom software, and many easily obtainable electronic components

I plan to document all the steps I take to achieve this, including part numbers and code.

Some parts will need to be manufactured and this will be undertaken as much as possible at the non-profit makerspace/hackerspace TX/Rx Labs in Houston, TX, where I am a proud member with a rented workspace. We are blessed with 3D printers, laser cutters, electronics labs, and numerous CNC milling, plasma cutting, lathes, and multiple types of welding equipment. We are even finishing work on our rapid-prototyping lab that enables us to print our own circuit boards based on open-source chipsets and affordable electronic components.

All parts manufactured here at TX/Rx Labs (or elsewhere when necessary) will also get documentation that I will make available publicly and open-source.

I will be hoping to get feedback and advice from ANY interested party on ALL facets of this First Effort of ChromatograDIY!

2 comments on “Project One: Gas Chromatograph
  1. debragross says:

    Hi Richard, this is a neat project. I understand the need for GCs in the oil/gas/chemical industry in the field, but who is going to use this when it’s complete?

    I think it’s a cool project, I guess I’m just curious why are you doing it?

    • OMG, gas chromatography has so many applications, debragross, you can try google before questioning something like that. Being able to test the composition of a gas is a great bio-sensing platform.

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