Project Needs

I will be open about my needs for any Gas Chromatograph parts I can get my hands on. Broken, faulty, used, or even extra parts.

This could include columns, detectors, injectors, ovens, thermocouples, valves, flow regulators and mass flow controllers, LCD screens, syringes, and standards, or leftover or extra solvents.

I will be happy to pay shipping on anything you can help with.

The ultimate goal is a completely built-from-scratch Gas Chromatograph, but I would like to start learning how to best interface with some of these parts, maybe tear them apart, maybe use them until a DIY copy can be built.

ANYTHING in this area would be appreciated!

Also, although I haven’t planned a crowd-funding endeavor until my first prototype is built, I do have a Donation button on my Funding Page. I was even able to transfer $0.11 cents the other day, so ANYTHING helps.

Best Regards,
Richard Arnett

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