Funding crowd-pledge Approved!
I have now launched a crowd-fund drive to help with continued costs of the building of my first prototype open-source Gas Chromatograph. Today is Day 20 of 30 and was fully funded by day 8. Still looking for additional funding to possibly build 2nd prototype for validation studies, perhaps with a local college.

Please take a moment to visit the funding site here and take a look at, a great new tool for scientists!
(This is separate from the simple Donate button below)


Donate Button with Credit Cards

Currently this is a self-paid project. I have the luxury of a little money saved up that I decided to take on this effort full-time and unemployed. I hope to accomplish something within 3mo that can start some ball rolling that can can start generating some investment income or I will be able to start supplying equipment I’ve manufactured myself as parts for people’s own ChromatograDIY efforts.

I pay for my membership to TX/Rx Labs and rent for my workspace. I pay for the classes at TX/Rx that enable me to operate the equipment that’s available here.

I buy all my arduino cards, shields, relays, tools, and spend all my time on my own dime. This is in belief of a vision. And a lots of faith in what I have seen in the open-source community.

At some point I believe I will undertake some funding effort. There are many options for this and I’m weighing and learning about them all. Perhaps a small drive to finish one prototype, which will open the door to a larger drive for say, four or five working Gas Chromatographs.

I’d like to have a small number built at first after development and donate two or three to a couple of schools, and one or two to small businesses, and one for myself to operate to confirm results/observations that come in from the other users. This would be a validation step and a way to generate input from other users in other settings. To determine what changes/improvements can be made.

I look forward to all of this and documenting all of it as well.

If you have any suggestions on this embryonic plan, please feel free to let me know. I have embraced the community model and believe in it.

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