About ChromatograDIY

*- Don’t forget our current funding drive at http://experiment.com/chromatograDIY

ChromatograDIY came about from my readings and interest in the open-source micro-controller revolution taking place. At first I had dreams of drones, and tweeting toasters, and GPS possibilities.

Then I remembered my 15+ yrs as a chemical technician, and the enjoyment I got from R&D and Analytical work. I absolutely love science and my favorite environment is a laboratory.

I remembered my college education, and the antiquated equipment we were forced to learn on, if it worked at all. At most we learned theory. But there is no experience like hands-on technical working knowledge of laboratory equipment you will work with every day. I aim to bring down the costs of many types of laboratory equipment. While they might not be as precise or high tech as your $25K piece of equipment you may one day work on, why not start learning, HANDS-ON, the theory, operation, sample preparation techniques, method development, and the inner workings of the hardware at 20-30% of the cost? Hardware that is affordable to educational facilities to the point that hands-on is promoted, simply because repairs can be cheap, and open-source equipment makes repairs available to anyone. And repairs are inevitable if the equipment is being heavily used, by beginners.

But that is the point.

Also I see a great need for this equipment in small business, particularly R&D start-ups. They may be constrained both in time and money to produce data for investors. Cheaper equipment means MORE equipment, which means more data. A win-win for small research facilities under pressure to produce.

And last, but not least, I see this endeavor supporting research in third-world countries, where much of the equipment is simply cost-prohibitive, stymieing even the start of possible research and business opportunities.

Please wish me luck in this collaboration of new ideas and past experience and we may ALL benefit in the future.

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