Careful With Electricity: A Boo-boo.

In the interest of open-source documentation of my project, I must also be open about my mistakes.

I had a perfectly working Reflow Controller Shield for my Arduino Temperature Monitoring and Control.
Watch YouTube video: or see documentation here:

Well… I let excitement get the best of me and in running the code to test the Reflow Shield I accidentally brushed the SS shielded K-type thermocouple across my exposed AND current-flowing (hot) Nickel-Chromium heating element. I saw a small spark, but that was enough. My thermocouple readouts are 0.0° now. Both on the shield LCD screen and Arduino IDE Serial Monitor.

I have been advised that I likely blew my MAX 6675 chip located on the shield.

YouTube video after damage done:

The LCD still works, and I can still use manual buttons on
the shield to activate heating element and fan outputs to their respective SSRs. The Arduino card is still receiving code from IDE. So all is not a total loss.

I will need to either switch out the MAX6675 chip which is hard-soldering to the shield, or go back to the MAX31855 chip which is only good for thermocouple input and serial data out to Serial Monitor. Right now I have the MAX31855 chip but I prefer the MAX6675 based Rocket Scream Reflow Controller Shield.

It’s a big oops, but it must be documented.

PROTECT OPEN CIRCUITS!!! Especially whaen you can FRY controller chips or cards. Actually, I’m lucky the damage done wasn’t worse.

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I pay for all my mistakes, but help is always appreciated.

Best regards,
Richard Arnett

15+ yrs experienced chemical technologist in R&D and Analytical departments while being employed by Shell Development, Chevron Chemical, and Dow Chemical. I am endeavoring to develop a line of open-source laboratory equipment.

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