Reflow Controller Shield for Arduino Installed

I was able to finally get all the Arduino IDE code right and the correct libraries in place to get the Rocket Scream Reflow Controller Shield to work and display temperature on its LCD screen and output the same data to the serial monitor included in the Arduino IDE.

YouTube vid:

In this case:

Arduino UNO R3 board
Aduino 1.04 IDE

Rocket Scream Reflow Controller Shield 1R40 11/2011 IDE Code:
(This code requires you to comment “//” out either the MAX31855 or the MAX6675, as it works with both)

(The shield uses the MAX6675 thermocouple amplifier chip)

I needed to add the SPI library to the Reflow.ino file at the beginning with #include since the max6675 is an SPI chip.

I installed the – Arduino PID Library:

And for grins I installed the thermocouple library (but I don’t think it’s being accessed).

Remember to put libraries and sketches under My Documents even though Arduino may be under Program Files in Windows. This has been one of my most frustrating learning experiences and names and placement of folders and files is critiacl. You will change the names of libraries you download to match the code continuously. PAY ATTENTION!

This was a great tutorial page to find:

15+ yrs experienced chemical technologist in R&D and Analytical departments while being employed by Shell Development, Chevron Chemical, and Dow Chemical. I am endeavoring to develop a line of open-source laboratory equipment.

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