Column Documentation

Here will be Column Documentation.

Here I need the most help.

I am seeking to find the best DIY possibilities here. Self-packing, simple but good separation, of basic organic short-chain molecules. I think this offers the best opportunities for education and ease of sample prep and method development at this point.

Remember at this point it’s about the building of ‘A’ Gas Chromatograph. A simple one.

Please post any replies/comments you feel appropriate. I am open to any/all suggestions/advice.


15+ yrs experienced chemical technologist in R&D and Analytical departments while being employed by Shell Development, Chevron Chemical, and Dow Chemical. I am endeavoring to develop a line of open-source laboratory equipment.

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2 comments on “Column Documentation
  1. jones139 says:

    I wondered where you are with choice of column?
    I am building myself a gas chromatography at the moment, and am starting to worry that the choice of column packing may be more important than I has thought. Also I think it should be liquid coated. How do you do that? I am wondering about injecting a small amount of water in the sample injection point and waiting a while for it to settle down…

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