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Amazing Interest Continues

Today my documentation site was visited by visitors from Netherlands, Romania, and Switzerland. Aside from the two dozen US visitors. This is typical. One day I had over 70 visits from over 23 countries. It gives me inspiration just to

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Careful With Electricity: A Boo-boo.

In the interest of open-source documentation of my project, I must also be open about my mistakes. I had a perfectly working Reflow Controller Shield for my Arduino Temperature Monitoring and Control. Watch YouTube video: or see documentation here:

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/******************************************************************************* * Title: Reflow Oven Controller * Version: 1.20 * Date: 26-11-2012 * Company: Rocket Scream Electronics * Author: Lim Phang Moh * Website: * * Brief * ===== * This is an example firmware for our Arduino compatible

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Reflow Controller Shield for Arduino Installed

I was able to finally get all the Arduino IDE code right and the correct libraries in place to get the Rocket Scream Reflow Controller Shield to work and display temperature on its LCD screen and output the same data

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Column Documentation

Here will be Column Documentation. Here I need the most help. I am seeking to find the best DIY possibilities here. Self-packing, simple but good separation, of basic organic short-chain molecules. I think this offers the best opportunities for education

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Oven Documentation

Here will be my Oven Documentation. This is basically Step One since the Oven controls Column Temperature. Probably the most critical variable in a Gas Chromatograph. Please post any replies/comments you feel appropriate. I am open to any/all suggestions/advice. THANKS!

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Detector Documentation

At this time I plan to machine/manufacture a Thermoconductivity Detector. We have lots of milling and machining equipment here at TX/Rx Labs and electronics equipment. I think this is my best option at the start. Please post any replies/comments you

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Sample Injection Documentation.

Here will be Injector Work posts. At this time I’m basically looking at manufacturing a heated injection port. This will require: Thermocouple temperature, heat control, septum, tubing. Please post any replies/comments you feel appropriate. I am open to any/all suggestions/advice.

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Project One: A Gas Chromatograph

Gas Chromatograph simple diagram

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